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Climbing comes in many types, each having its own features and methods. There are several ways to categorize it. For instance, it can vary based on the Climbing area or where you are climbing. Using this category, its types include: Mountaineering or Mountain Climbing, Ice Climbing, Bouldering, Indoor Climbing, and Rock Climbing.

For so many years, Rock Climbing has become a major sport or leisure activity for thousands of outdoor sports enthusiasts. In itself, Rock Climbing comes in different styles. These include Indoor Climbing, Traditional Climbing, Bouldering, and many others. Though it is a generally risky sport which demands physical strength and endurance, it poses a different kind of challenge, excitement, and adrenaline rush. This is probably one of the many reasons why a lot of people are so enthusiastic about this activity.

While we are discussing the Rock Climbing mentioning the topics like Belaying, Rope Selection, Carabineers, Knots, Climbing Shoes Etc. are very important in this context, If you are novice then we suggest you to take a view from expert and under his/her guidance only try your hand on this danger yet thrilling sport..

  Types Of Rock Climbing

Rock climbing may be divided into two broad categories: free climbing and aid climbing.

  • Free climbing requires the climber use only natural features of the rock formation.
  • Aid climbing involves using artificial devices placed in the rock to support all or part of the climber's body weight, and is normally practiced on rock formations that lack necessary natural features suitable for free climbing.

  Rappelling, Chimney Climbing & Bridge Slithering

Rappelling : As oppose to the Rock Climbing the Rappelling is a process of descending, Rappelling is also as serious business as Rock Climbing and most of the Champs make mistakes during descending. Here mentioning about the Figure of Eight, Mittens Etc. besides the Items mentioned in Rock Climbing shall be justifiable in context of Rappelling or Abseiling.

Chimney Climbing : Another challenging climbing exercise moving with the help of Hand, Back and Legs in upward direction.

Bridge Slithering: Be an extreme intrepid or dare devil descends from the stupendous bridges, recommendation is for the River side camp at Camp Ganga Descends, Shivpuri, Rishikesh, Uttaranchal/ Uttarakhand.


Jumaring, also referred to as jugging, is where the second climber (the one who belayed the lead climber on the route) uses ascenders to climb the rope instead of climbing directly on the rock. Along with the ascenders, a webbing "ladder" called Étrier (or aiders) are typically used to allow the climber to use their feet to step up and pull themselves up the rope.

Jumaring is not typically performed on free climbing routes where a climber uses his or her hands and feet on the rock, climbing the features, edges, cracks, and pockets that the route provides without artificial aids. Typically, Jumaring is reserved for aid climbing where the climbers are climbing near featureless faces of rock, usually with very thin cracks that a person probably could not get their fingers into to make the holds useful. In aid climbing, the climbers are very dependant on gear placement to ascend the route.


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